Tim Turk Shooting and Scoring Classes

Looking to improve your shooting technique, accuracy and score more goals?  Cutting Edge can help you do that with our Tim Turk Shooting and scoring classes.

Increase your shooting velocity, learn to pick the corners and add deception to fool goalies with our instructors Trent Sheldon and Ryan Penny who are trained in the Tim Turk Shooting methods:


session 1 (2017-2015)  630-730 pm

session 2 (2014-2012)  730-830 pm

Start date: Tuesday, May 28 (5 week session)

End Date: Tuesday, June 25

Cost $200 + hst  

Online Registration:

Tim Turk Shooting – session 1, Spring 2024

Tim Turk shooting – session 2, Spring 2024


Tim Turk Private Shooting Lessons

Tim Turk has been an NHL level skills and shooting coach since 2001.

Tim has worked with many NHL organization including the Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers.

Tim has trained many of the NHL’s best goal scorers including Connor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin, PK Subban and Steven Stamkos.

Tim has also worked with many international federations including Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Latvia.


Here are some of the skills that you will be taught:

  • Shooting: techniques and mechanics in quick-release shots (wrist, snap, combo wrist-snap, slap shot)
  • Phases of a shot: preparation, loading, release
  • Deception when releasing a puck
  • Shooting and passing off the angles
  • Shooting in stride
  • Shooting through traffic
  • Shooting in tight
  • Shooting off a pass
  • One timers
  • Understanding the goalies


A testimonial:

“Tim’s scientific approach to teaching players how to shoot goes far beyond what a coach at any level has the time or knowledge to do. This includes players from Novice thru Pro. I have seen 1st hand how amazed pros are at what Tim has to offer. Any player who wants to score more goals needs to spend time with Tim. You will be amazed at what you didn’t know about the art of shooting!”

Trevor Timmins
Vice President of Player Personnel & Director of Amateur Scouting
Montreal Canadiens


We offer a variety of formats with our Tim Turk trained and certified instructors for you to participate in:

Private & Small Group Sessions The individual sessions that are offered at Cutting Edge are the most personal and comprehensive shooting instruction you can get on ice today! Our instructors will customize the training program to meet the individual needs or all participants with the program progressing in a logical format.

*all prices before taxes*
30 minute lesson $60.00
60 minute lesson $120.00


Team Development Bring the entire team in for training to keep the cost per player down. Our instructors will work in conjunction with the team coaching staff to design a training program that will allow each player to master the proper shooting mechanics and help them learn to score more goals than they have previously.

60 minute lesson $250.00
60 min – 10 pack $2,250.00
90 minute lesson $325.00
90 min – 10 pack $3,000.00


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Cutting Edge’s modern defenseman training program is designed to enhance the technical and tactical abilities of defensemen of any age, ability and gender.

This program will help develop skating agility and quickness as well as puck handling, passing and shooting skills using defensemen-specific drills.

Important individual tactical skills such as gap control, angling, using the stick to take away passing and shooting lanes and understanding how to limit time and space will also be emphasized.

Specific tactical situations such as 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s, net front coverage and effective penalty killing strategies will also be incorporated into this program.




Private (1 hour) – $175 + tax
Defense Corps – 6 players (1 hour) – $240 + tax
Team Session (1 hour) – $322 + tax


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