The World Junior Hockey Championships is synonymous with the holiday season for hockey fans in Canada.


The eighth annual Cutting Edge Christmas Classic celebrates the World Juniors by allowing you to get a team of your friends together, select a country, and defend its honour in one-day 3 on 3 action.


Each player will receive a special commemorative jersey with their country’s logo and name on it which is yours to keep.  Teams select their country in the order that they register. 


Only team registrations will be excepted initially.  If a division is not full by December 10 we will allow individual registrations.  


Each team will play a minimum of 4 games and a maximum of 5.


Separate divisions for house league and rep teams.


Cost: $600 + hst per team.  Each player will keep their jersey.


No fees will be processed until December to ensure we will be able to proceed with the tournament.  If we are forced to cancel the tournament all registrations will be refunded 100%.




This year’s tournament will be very different than previous tournaments as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. To maximize the safety of all players the following changes have been made:


  1. Reduced roster sizes: teams will be comprised of 6 players and 1 goalie as opposed to 9 players and 1 goalie.


2)  Each team will have only 1 coach on the bench.


3)  Parents will not be permitted to watch games inside the facility to reduce the number of people within the facility throughout the tournament.  Games will be streamed through Cutting Edge’s social media channels enabling parents to watch the games online.  Parents can enter the facility to tighten skates if required, but must leave after.


4)  Each division will be comprised of 4 teams instead of 8 teams in previous tournaments.


5)  Each team will have its own changing space throughout the day.  Team’s will not share changing areas.  Each time the team’s leaves their changing space to go on the ice for a game the space will be disinfected.  


6)  Absolutely no body checking or contact.


7)  Teams will not shake hands after games.

Tournament Details and Registration:


Sunday, December 27

(2013 House League Division) Register Now – 2013 HL Division


(2013 Rep Division)  register now – 2013 rep division



Monday, December 28

(2012 House League Division)  register now – 2012 HL Division


(2012 Rep Division)  register now – 2012 rep division


Wednesday, December 29

(2011 House League Division)  REGISTER NOW – 2011 HL DIVISION


(2011 Rep Division)  register now – 2011 rep division


Thursday, December 30

(2010 House League Division). register now – 2010 HL division


(2010 Rep Division). register now – 2010 rep division