Cutting Edge’s confined space 3 on 3 ball hockey league allows every player to be in the action at all times, just a few feet from the ball.  With an emphasis on quickness, agility and tic tac toe passing plays, a shot on net from anywhere on the rink is always a possibility, forcing goalies to be on their toes at all times.

What sets us apart?

There are no concrete or gym floors here.  Cutting Edge’s ball hockey facilities are comprised of a 36′ x 80′ professional ball hockey rink complete with flex court sports flooring, plexi glass and netting.  Brand new shower facilities have been installed along with 4 dressing rooms, a scoreboard and viewing area for fans.


Interested in registering for our youth 3 on 3 league?  Check out our page with Ball Hockey International:

Click here to see our page at Ball Hockey International