At the Cutting Edge Goaltending School (formerly the Ron Mays Goaltending School) we firmly believe that every goaltender deserves elite level instruction, regardless of their age or ability. The lessons are run by Ron Mays as the Head Instructor.

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Trained by Ron Mays: Spencer Martin, Ben Blacker, and Chris Festarini

Trained by Ron Mays: Spencer Martin, Ben Blacker and Chris Festarini

During each training session, we show the goalie how to execute the skills every goalie requires to be successful, when to use each skill in a game situation and how to respond to the various tactical situations goalies face in a game. All of this is accomplished in a positive atmosphere where the goalie is challenged to become the best goalie they are capable of becoming.











Trained by Ron Mays: Drew Fielding and Ben Blacker


Perhaps most importantly, goalies who train with Ron Mays gain tremendous confidence in their ability to keep the puck out of their net due to the skills and knowledge they acquire during training sessions. These goalies enter games expecting to be successful because of the tools they have developed, and usually are, as a result.








Topics Covered:


  • Goaltender’s Stance
  • Goalie-Specific Skating Skills
  • The Half-Butterfly
  • The Full-Butterfly
  • The Butterfly Slide
  • Paddle-Down
  • Angles/Positional play
  • Net Drives
  • Puck Handling
  • Breakaways
  • Recovery
  • Rebound Control
  • Stick Saves
  • Blocker Saves/Glove Saves
  • Shots to the Chest
  • Wraparounds
  • Walkouts
  • Screen Shots
  • Deflections
  • Shots from the Slot
  • Cross Crease Passes


We look forward to helping you take your game to the next level while gaining maximum enjoyment from our training sessions.



Private Session: $140 per hour incl. tax
Semi-Private Session: $70 per half hour incl. tax


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