Stay sharp during the summer months, improve your skill level and get ready for the upcoming season with Cutting Edge’s 2023 Summer programs.


CE 3 on 3 sessions

Cutting Edge’s 3 on 3 sessions feature a 35 minute high intensity skill development session with Cutting Edge’s Head Instructor Perry D’Arrisso with assistance from Assistant Instructor Trent Sheldon. The last 15 minutes of each session will incorporate a 3 on 3 game providing players with the opportunity to integrate the skills they have practiced into game situations while receiving immediate feedback from Coach D’Arrisso and his assistant.  Possessing skill is only part of the equation.  Understanding when and how to utilize those skills during a game is just as important.  This program provides both the technical and tactical training every young player requires with a particular emphasis on skating, stick handling and shooting skills.

This program accepts a maximum of 12 players per session.

session 1: 2018-2016, 530-630 pm  

session 2: 2015-2013, 630-730 pm    

session 3: 2012-2011, 730-830 pm  

session 4: 2010-2008, 830-930 pm


Start date: Monday, July 10

End Date: Monday, August 28

Cost $320 + hst (8 week program) 

 Online Registration:

session 1: REGISTER – 3 ON 3 SESSION 1   

session 2: REGISTER – 3 ON 3 SESSION 2   

session 3: REGISTER – 3 ON 3 SESSION 3   

session 4: REGISTER – 3 ON 3 SESSION 4 


CE SKILLS #1, SUMMER 2022 (2018-2016)

CE Skills #1 is our entry level skill development program designed to help the young hockey player build a strong foundation of skating, stick handling, passing and shooting skills.  The focus of the class will be on proper balance, edge control, stride technique as well as the ability to handle the puck effectively on the forehand and backhand.  Small area games will also be incorporated into this program providing players with the opportunity to apply their newly learned skills in game situations.

When: Tuesdays 530-630 pm

Start date: Tuesday, July 4 (9 week session)

End Date: Tuesday, August 29

Cost $360 + hst  

Online Registration: REGISTER – CE SKILLS #1 


MODERN DEFENCE, SUMMER 2023 (2013-2011)

Cutting Edge’s Modern Defence classes are led by Head Instructor Perry D’Arrisso and assistant instructor Trent Sheldon.  The classes are designed to enhance the technical and tactical abilities of defensemen of any age, ability and gender.

This program will help develop skating agility and quickness as well as puck handling, passing and shooting skills using defensemen-specific drills.

Important individual tactical skills such as gap control, angling, using the stick to take away passing and shooting lanes and understanding how to limit time and space will also be emphasized.

Specific tactical situations such as 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s, net front coverage and effective penalty killing strategies will also be incorporated into this program.

When: Tuesdays, 630-730 pm

Start Date: Tuesday, July 4

End Date: Tuesday, August 29 (9 week class)

Cost $360 + hst

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Looking to improve your shooting technique, accuracy and score more goals?  Cutting Edge can help you do that with our Tim Turk Shooting and scoring classes.

Increase your shooting velocity, learn to pick the corners and add deception to fool goalies with our instructors Perry, D’Arrisso and Andrew Dovey who are trained in the Tim Turk Shooting methods:

SESSION 1 (2016-2014), 530-630 PM

SESSION 2 (2013-2011), 630-730 PM

Start date: Wednesday, July 5 (9 week session)

End Date: Wednesday, August 30

Cost $360 + hst  

Online Registration:






At just 22 years of age Connor McDavid is widely regarded as the fastest and best skater in NHL history by most hockey experts.  In a modern NHL that is full of speedsters, McDavid blows by his competition on a nightly basis and continues to dominate games with his speed, making many outstanding skaters look pedestrian.

If you have ever watched McDavid closely and broken down his skating technique you will notice that he has an incredibly unique skating style, vastly different than anyone before him.  McDavid doesn’t skate like a classic power skater with long strides reaching full extension.  Instead, McDavid has the highest crossover to stride ratio in NHL history (3:1) while utilizing linear crossovers to reach his top speed in the blink of an eye and his edges to dart in every possible direction on the ice.  

Kinesiologist and former pro hockey player Jason Yee has reverse engineered McDavid’s skating mechanics and dubbed them downhill skating because when they’re expected flawlessly the player skates so fast that they feel like they’re skating downhill.

Since McDavid entered the NHL a steady stream of other young stars who employ the Downhill Skating System has emerged including Matthew Barzal, Cale Makar and Rasmus Dahlin.  As the game of hockey continues to evolve there will be many more players mimicking McDavid’s mechanics.

Cutting Edge and Head Instructor Perry D’Arrisso are offering hockey players in the GTA with the opportunity to learn and develop the mechanics behind downhill skating in a systematic and progressive class. 

Session 1: 2015-2013, 530-630 PM  

Session 2: 2012-2010, 630-730 pm  

Start Date: Thursday, July 6 (9 week session)

End Date: Thursday, August 31

Fee: $360 + hst  

Online Registration: