Registration is now available for the Cutting Edge Goaltending 2024 Summer Camps under the Direction of Head Instructor Adrian Volpe.  Read below for more details and a registration links!


CEGS Mentorship Camp Week 1 July 22-26, 2024

CEGS Mentorship Camp Week 2, July 29-August 1, 2024 (4 Day Camp)

Cutting Edge Goaltending School, under the direction of Adrian Volpe, is pleased to offer its Mentorship Camp for goaltenders of all ages and abilities.

Since its inception, the program has been a great success with mentor goalies such as Spencer Martin (Carolina Hurricanes, NHL, Mississauga Steelheads), Ben Blacker (Western Michigan, NCAA), Drew Fielding (Adirondack, ECHL, St. Thomas University, NCAA), Chris Festarini (Niagara Ice Dogs, OHL),  Christian Purboo (Sudbury Wolves, OHL, and Max Wright (Burlington Cougars, OJHL) participating.

The purpose of the Mentorship camp is to provide young, aspiring goalies not only with the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, but also the chance to train next to these highly-skilled and successful goaltenders throughout the week-long summer camp.

Working next to a mentor who can offer guidance, advice, and inspiration as well as demonstrate the qualities of hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and perseverance is critical to helping one reach their goals in the hockey world.

While having the opportunity to watch pro and junior goalies train is invaluable, there is no better experience than having the opportunity to train along with them, completing the same drills they do while trying to match their effort and intensity levels.



Head Instructor Adrian Volpe will oversee each camp with assistance from each mentor.

4 hours on ice per day (2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon).  This includes 3 hours of intense drills, a 30-minute goalie-specific skating and recovery session, and a 30-minute puck handling session each day.

60-minute off-ice training session each day designed to enhance athleticism.

30-minute mental training session each day, providing valuable knowledge on how to become mentally tough and excel under pressure.  Mentor goalies will also share their experiences and advice on enhancing confidence, maintaining focus, managing intensity levels, thriving under pressure, and becoming resilient.

15-minute daily stretching session to enhance flexibility.



This camp is open to goalies of any age and ability who desire to improve.  Goalies will be placed in a group based on their age and skill level to provide for an optimal learning environment.

The demands placed on the students will be heavy.  It is essential that each participant is intrinsically motivated with a strong desire to improve through hard work, and a willingness to listen and keep an open mind to instruction.


$850 + hst week 1

Register – CEGS Mentorship Camp week 1


$700 + hst week 2

 Register – CEGS Mentorship Camp Week 2 


Pre Season Prep Camps

Week 1: August 19-23 $725 + hst

Week 2: August 26-29 $600 + hst


register – cegs pre season prep camp week 2


Cutting Edge Goaltending School will be holding pre season prep camps in August to help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Each camp will feature 3 hours of daily on ice training as well as off-ice training, video sessions and mental training sessions.

These camps are open to goalies of all ages and ability although goalies will be placed in a small group with other goalies based on skill level.

Head Instructor Adrian Volpe will oversee each camp.

 Give yourself the edge in tryouts and the regular season by being prepared.

Cost: $600 + hst (4 day camp)

         $725 + hst (5 day camp)


3 hours on ice daily

1 hour off-ice training session

45 minute video session

30 minute mental training session

goalies will arrive each day at 8:30 am

first on ice session is at 9:00 am

camp ends at 4 pm


Trained by Ron Mays: Spencer Martin, Ben Blacker, and Chris Festarini